Muslim guys might have 4 spouses on Welfare in Michigan?

Rumor: Muslim males staying in Michigan can get welfare help for approximately four spouses.

  • Posted 18 2014 september

Michigan federal federal government workplaces offer information in Arabic and permit polygamous Muslim males to utilize for general general public help advantages for approximately four spouses.

What Exactly Is Real

Some Michigan federal government workplaces provide information and solutions in Arabic.

What Is False

Polygamous men that are muslim make an application for general general general public help advantages for approximately four spouses.

Would you depend on Snopes reporting? Click the link to aid it.

ORIGINAL NAME: “Poly Gamey”–>Claims of polygamous Muslim families draining welfare advantages in Michigan in specific have already been the niche of email forwards for quite some time, however a YouTube movie initially posted on 26 August 2014 seems to have catapulted the rumors to brand brand new amounts:

Examples: Collected via e-mail, September 2014|2014 september

Just exactly How numerous spouses can a Muslim have on welfare within the state of Michigan? That is considering a video that is conservative “making the rounds” on the web.

I really called the Michigan Dept. of Human Services to check this out which is real.

Have we gone entirely nuts!


Muslim men are permitted to have as much as 4 wives. Numerous Muslims have actually immigrated to the U.S. And brought their 2-3-or 4 spouses together with them, however the U.S. will not enable multi marriages, therefore the man lists one spouse as their, and indications one other two or three up as extensive family members on welfare as well as other government that is free!

Michigan gets the greatest populace of Muslims in the usa. Whenever President Obama took workplace the usa paid a few vast amounts to possess a number that is large of, (All Muslim), immigrated right right right here from Palestine! Why? We don’t purchase other individuals to immigrate right here, and I’m certain that several of those Muslims moved into Michigan utilizing the big present amount of Muslims already established there.

Therefore now in Michigan whenever the Public is called by you Assistance workplace you’re told to Press 1 for English. Press 2 for Spanish, or Press 3 for Arabic! TAKE A LOOK YOURSELF – this is actually the true quantity 1-888-678-8914.

Each time you put in a brand new language to A us program it takes yet another amount of individuals proficient for the reason that language to process those people whom will not learn English to be able to live only at yet another price towards the taxpayer! Exactly why are we also enabling individuals to immigrate right here whom cannot provide in our welfare system for themselves and then putting them?

Press 3 for Arabic!

This can be quite alarming. This appears to have happened clandestinely, or as much as I understand, because no announcement that is public possibility to vote with this ended up being provided to the US individuals. They’re just adopting a formal stance, and incredibly most likely making use of tax-payer cash for this, in a variety of capabilities, without general public knowledge or approval.

The after website link takes you in to the State of Michigan Public Assistance web web page, (like in Food Stamps etc). You won’t need certainly to scroll far before you notice the assistance-letters choices for…(get this)…English, Spanish, and ARABIC! Whenever did the ARABIC option sneak into our tradition? We don’t try this for any other cultures, except those who talk Spanish! Will we soon need certainly to tune in to our offices that are governmental stores, along with other venues provide us the possibility of “pressing 3 for ARABIC?”

Look it over for yourself. http://www.Michigan.Gov/dhs/0,1607,7-124-5453_5527—,00.HTML ( When you are getting to the internet site, simply click in the FORMS AND PUBLICATIONS key – those types in Arabic are detailed as closing in AR!)

Please notify every red-blooded US you realize, that it is occurring. It’s crazy!


The clip, en en titled “U.S. WELFARE WILL PAY FOR 4 ‘WIVES’ PER HUSBAND,” is a narrated type of a latin brides favorite e-mail forward claiming that numerous Muslim families help as much as four spouses per home thanks to the good united states of america welfare system. The brief movie is amusingly stirring the US outrage cooking pot while the text is read in a uk accent:

It’s important to notice that a wide range of problems are threaded together in the “4 spouses piece that is. To start with, it really is real that some state and government that is municipal in Michigan (for instance the state Electronic Benefit Transfer system, whose telephone number is placed in the example above) offer phone services and printed material in Arabic. Nevertheless, this sensation is barely astonishing, as Michigan houses a population that is large of from Middle Eastern countries (over 115,000 at the time of the end of 2013), neither is it unique: lots of government workplaces through the entire U.S. offer information and services in non-English languages apart from Spanish (e.g., Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Haitian Creole) in places where significant variety of speakers of the languages live.

Are you aware that claim about Muslim guys claiming assistance that is public for approximately four wives, one must look at the plausibility for the situation proposed and recognize that the circumstances span multiple dilemmas including wedding, immigration, in addition to number of advantages commonly dubbed “welfare” in the us.

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